Flow Meter Nitto Seiko Rotary

Jual Flow Meter Nitto Seiko Rotary

Outline and feature
This is a rotary piston type flow meter not easily affected by

temperature and viscosity. Various kinds of material can be

selected, and maintenance and inspection are also simple

Even a highly viscous liquid can be measured easily with little

pressure loss.

Also enables selection of anti-corrosive materials and

measurement of acidic and alkaline liquids.

Possibility of loading of a wide selection of signal oscillato rs, and

easy connection with various kinds of receiver and control equipment

Main specifications
Size : 20A,25A
Flow range : 5-1,600L/h
Viscosity : 0.5-3,000mPas Special specification (0.2-30,000mPas)
Temperature : -5 to 120 deg C Special specification (-20 to 200 deg C)
Pressure : Working pressure less than 1.0MPa
Special specification (Less than 2.0MPa)
Accuracy : Within +-0.5%
Material :




Construction :
Explosion-proof and frame-proof type d2G4, instinct-safe type i3aG4

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